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In the higher reaches of the Ravi Valley, just 56 km from Dalhousie, Chamba is perched on a little plateau about 100 m above the river. The capital of an ancient kingdom, Chamba was founded in 920 AD by Raja Sahil Varma who named it after his favorite daughter Champavati. Isolated in this valley by the high ranges, Chamba developed its own style of architecture and art. Much of this heritage has been preserved and Chamba is known for the elegance of its temples and for its exquisite miniatures and handicrafts.

Places of Interest

Lakshminarayanan Temple

In a group are six ancient temples carved in stone, with tall vimanas. Dedicated to both Shiva and Vishnu, they were built around the 8th century AD. The Lakshminarayan Temple, the oldest in this group, is richly ornamented.Bhuri Singh Museum: On display is a collection of fine miniatures from the Kangra, Basholi and Chamba schools of painting. There are also murals and paintings from the Rang Mahal Palace which was damaged by fire.


A large grassy meadow forms the heart of the town and the centre of all its cultural activities.

Each year, the colorful Minjar Mela celebrating the harvest is held here.

Hari Rai Temple

This 11th century temple located near the Chaugan, has an exquisite bronze image of the Chaturmurti – the four armed Vishnu, enshrined in the sanctum.

A lesser known but historically significant landmark, the Hari Rai Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in his Chaturmurti manifestation. The temple was built in the 11th century by Salabhana and occupies the north-west corner of the main Chaugan, the grassy promenade which was the official entrance to town in the 19th century. Built in the lesser used Shikhara style, the temple is more elaborate than most because its Shikhara is decorated with carvings and it stands on a stone platform.

Katasan Devi Temple

A bridle path from the Manali log huts goes past the Dhoongri Temple and wanders into the dense deodar, kail, horse chestnut, walnut and maple forest which is a part of this sanctuary. Camping overnight in tents at Lambadug or Galiani Thatch is possible.

Lush green alpine pastures and glaciers lie beyond Galiani Thatch. Musk deer, monal and brown bear are often spotted. For those who venture still further into the glacier zone in summer, there are herds of ibex.


Lovely landscaped gardens, a sheep breeding centre and apiary make Sarol an interesting place for picnics. (11 km)

Sarol is a village located in the Chamba district of himachal_pradesh state. You are welcome to provide or view more information about Sarol.

Bharmour, Chamba Hill Station

Bharmaur, a home to the semi nomadic Gaddis, the shepherds of this area, situated in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 2,195 m. It is the base for the famed Manimahesh Yatra and for various marvelous treks in the region. It is a fascinating little town surrounded by high ranges, it’s ancient temples endow it with the aura of a hallowed place. Himachal Tourism tents are available at Bharmaur and there is also a Tourist Rest House. Bharmaur, 65 km away from Chamba & 80 km from Dharamsala.

The way from Chamba is along an attractive hill road that follows the river for much of it’s route. During the yatra days, the Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (HPRTC) provides special bus services between Chamba and Bharmaur. Chamba is 56 km drive from Dalhousie. Dalhousie is well linked by road with public and private transport. Salooni (1,829 m) Another place with breath-taking views of the snow-capped ranges. (56 km)

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