Baijnath Shiva Temple

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The Shiva temple at Baijnath is one of the most remarkable monuments of the Kangra valley. Ancient name of this town was ‘Kirgrama’. Baijnath got its name from Shiva Vaidyanatha. The temple consists of an ‘Adytum’ surrounded by a spire of the usual conical shape with a ‘Mandap’ covered with a low pyramid shaped roof. The ‘Adytum’ contains the Lingam. There is fine sculpture work to be associated with Ravana, who worshipped Shiva at this spot and gained immortality. Baijnath is one of the ‘Twelve Jyotirlingams’. Shivratri of Baijnath is a well attended fair.Baijnath is situated in 56 Kilometres from Palampur at an altitude of 1360 m and at the end of Kangra Valley.

Shiva Temple

Baijnath is in reality the appellation of the chief temple dedicated to Siva Vaidyanatha (“Lord of Physicians”) which has know the Village itself. The temple built in the year 804 is the seat of Vaidyanath Shiva. The original name of the village was Kiragrama.its is one of thepilgrim centres of Hindu because of a very ancient temple of Shiva Vaidyanatha (Lord of Physicians) Legend has it that this is where King Ravana (from the epic Ramayana ) supplicated Shiva for the boon of immortality. The linga enshrined in this sanctum is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas (Lord Shiva’s stone image) in the country, The Baijnath temple is orientated due west. It consists of a puri or adytum, 8 feet square inside and 18 feet outside, surmounted by a spire of the usual conical shape, and a Mandapa or front hall, 20 feet square inside, covered with a low pyramid shaped roof.

Both the south and north wall of the Mandapa are adorned with a graceful balcony window. The four corners are strengthened by means of massive buttress-like projections in the shape of half-engaged – miniature Sikhara temples.

Each containing two niches in which image slabs are placed. Smaller niches in slightly projecting chapels are found between the corner projections and the entrance and balcony windows. there is very nice Park out side the Temple and very nice view of the snow Mountain.

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