Chamunda Temple

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Dharamshala has a temperate climate in summers, and heavy monsoon showers in July and August. While days are warm in summer, nights are chilly. Besides the rainy season, occasional showers are common here. Winters are severely cold, with heavy snowfall and temperatures dipping down around December. The best time to visit Dharamsala is between October and December. Dharamsala lies at the foot of snow covered lofty Dhauladhar ranges and presents a magnificent view of snowy peaks, deodar and pine forests, tea gardens and beautiful hills. Dharamsala with a number of Tibetan settlements and the residence of the spiritual and temporal leader of the Tibetan people, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, has become a place of international importance. Dharamsala is located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh in the northern part of India and is a great spot for spending holidays and with many streams, cool healthy air, beautiful surroundings and the nearby snowline, it attracts people from all over the world.

15 Kilometers from the Dharamshala, with the Dhauladhars forming a majestic backdrop, it is one of the nine shaktipeeth temple, It is an enchanting spot with a glorious view of the mountains, A temple glorifying Lord Shiva as Nandikeshwar in the temple complex is equally revered.

Places of Interest

Kangra Art Museum

Kangra Art Museum is treasure trove of the Kangra valleys arts, crafts and rich past, display artifacts that date back to the 5th Century. It includes a gallery of famous paintings and a representative collection of sculptures, pottery and anthropological items. Shamiyanas and local dresses used by local royalty, old carved doors, jail and pandals are also on display. Coins jewellery and manuscripts are included. A section houses the works of conteporary artists, sculptures and photographers.

Dharamshala Tea Garden & Kunal Pathri Temple

Located in the lap of the Dhauladhar Ranges this temple is dedicated to goddess Kapaleshwari. It has been mentioned in the Shiv Maha Puran that Daksh Prajapati the father of Sati had once organized a Yajna. He did not invite Lord Shiva to this Yajna. Sati could not bear the insult to lord Shiva and in retaliation jumped into the fire of the Yajna. Lord Shiva was shocked to learn about the death of Sati. He started roaming in a state of madness with the body of Sati on his back.

On seeing this Lord Vishnu used the Sudarshan Chakra to Destroy Sati’s Body and a part of her skull is believed to have fallen here. The locals here call this place Kunal Pathri.

War Memorial

The War Memorial is situated in Dharamshala town, near the entry point to Dharamshala commemorates. This was built in the memory of those who fought valiantly for the honour and defense of the mother land. The place is ideally located amid the pine forest. There is also a cafe just close to War Memorial serving fast food and beverages.

International Cricket Stadium

One more picturesque spot is nearby the lower Dharamshala , .the officially stadium came into existence on March 2005 by having the opening match between Board President-XI and Pakistan.

Norbulingka Monastry Sidhpur

Norbulingka Institute, It is 6 Kilometers from the Dharamshala, Institute is closed on Sunday. Norbulingka institute is committed to the preservation of Tibetan culture. It houses a beautiful Buddha temple, a Japanese inspired garden & a Losel Dolls Museum exhibiting regional, ritual. Religious, official & theatrical costumes. Norbulingka institute promotes Statue making, Thangka painting, Applique needlework, Tailoring & Woodwork.

Aghanjar Mahadev Temple

This temple is located at a distance of 8.5 km from Dharamshala and just a few meters from the Khaniyara village, famous for its scenic beauties. Once when Arjun, of Mahabarat, was on his way to the Kailash Mountains. Lord Shiva appeared in front of Arjun and blessed him with the Boon of Victory over the Kauravas. At this place Baba Ganga Bharati has fired “Akhand Dhuni” (Sacred Fire).

Chinmaya Tapovan

10 km from Dharamshala on the banks of the rivulet Bindu Saras, is an ashram complex established by the late Swami Chinmayananda, a noted exponent of the Gita. The complex includes a 9m high image of Lord Hanuman, a magnificent Ragunath Temple, a meditation hall, a school, and a health and recreation center.

Gyotu Tantric Monastry Sidhbari (17th Karmapa)

Karmapas means “the one who carries out buddha-activity” or “the embodiment of all the activities of the buddhas. We have here the residence of the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Drodul Trinley Dorje at Sidhbari Yol cantt. You can have a spiritual visit here.

Indru Naag Temple

This Temple is located on way to Khaniyara Village about 3 kms from Kotwali Bazaar. 2 kms road route upto the village Chola and 1 km trek route to the Indrunag temple. This temple is dedicated to Nag, the Lord of Snakes, and the Lord of Rains. In the Month of July many devotees of the local areas visit the Temple.

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